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The beginning and now

The company was established in 1993. Its founder Nedko Nedkov is an agronomist (he graduated the Higher Agricultural Institute in Plovdiv) and begins to cultivate leased land in the village of Ovcharovo, Dobrich municipality, where the current production base is located. He gradually increased the arable land of 4000 decares to reach the current 60,000 in the heart of Dobrudzha. Initially, the main industry is the crop production and later he adds dairy products and meat production. Everything else is subject to and related to the production of milk and dairy products – yogurt, white cheese, cream and butter. We already grown cereals only and mainly to get our animals quality food that is clean and unmodified. The meat is obtained only by male calves and we are selling only a part of the sunflower seeds we produced.



Our innovations and preserved traditions

Our aspiration has always been not only to grow but also to offer high quality products. Our production base is equipped with all modern technologies to ensure maximum comfort for the animals and optimum control of all processes for us. In addition to our specialists, we rely on specialists from abroad, which consult us every month. On manufacture of dairy products – we completely trust our traditions and use only Bulgarian yeasts. Our dairy products do not contain stabilizers or any added oils, additives or flavors. We believe that the traditional Bulgarian dairy products are a source of proud and we are honored to manufacture them of ingredients used for centuries. Thanks to our long experience and desire to improve, we manage to combine old traditions and new technologies and manage to achieve the best results – a high-quality milk, cheese, cream, yogurt and butter.

Our dreams for the future

Besides our desire to continue the tradition of authentic Bulgarian taste in the production of our dairy products, we believe it is a worthy and achievable goal to export these products outside the country. The taste qualities and price of our yogurt, white cheese, cream and butter are extremely competitive and not only way inferior to those from other parts of the world, but also they are unique in its origin and contents (for example Lactobacillus bulgaricus in the yogurt). Thanks to the so-called IFS certificate, we are able to export our dairy products abroad with the firm intention to impose permanently on foreign markets.

We create new working places

The process of gradual increase of our production requires recruitment of additional staff, but there is another factor that requires this – building of our distribution network. Our long experience in the trade has shown that the personal contact with the customer is essential and, therefore, it is entrusted to our appointed directly experts. Regardless of whether it comes to the country or abroad, the communication with current and prospective customers is carried out by people who are directly employed by the company, having undergone special training, familiar with both our meat and dairy products and the whole manufacturing process. People, who share our values of work, who are proud and believe in what they offer to the customer.

And last but not least

We would like to share another success of the company Nedko Nedkov-Ovcharovo Ltd in the utilization of goods, which gives us the Mother Nature. The repeatedly mentioned “closed cycle” really means just that. The organic wastes of our animals are being utilized in the most natural way, as some of them are used for crop fertilization and the rest – for the production of so-called “Green energy” – biogas. This is our way to be useful to ourselves, to our customers and the earth, without which we cannot exist.