Our “white gold”


These are the two words that describe best our attitude towards milk. This is our passion, in which every day we put the best to be our dairy products requested and highly valued.

Everything in our farm, related with dairy production, is thought to the smallest detail to be our cheese, yogurt, cream and butter desirable, demanded and preferred.

From the selection of the breed, the location of the farm and food, through the modern equipment and electronics, traditional recipes for the preparation of so beloved of all Bulgarians dairy products – we did not hesitate to take the “cream” of choices. We were able to weave into a perfect symbiosis the old tradition and the new tendencies, people and technology, the high production and its purity.

Our dairy is working at a full speed. Every day from our farm depart cisterns loaded with 80 tons of milk.

We are proud of taste and pure natural composition of cheese, yogurt, cream and butter we produce.

Expect further details about our dairy products soon.

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