Why we chose Holstein for the meat?

When migrating European tribes settled in the Netherlands nearly 2,000 years ago, they wanted to have animals that will help them optimize the use of the land. Two types of cows were crossbred to produce animals that are most effective at producing a lot of milk with limited food resources. The result is a black and white dairy cow, known today as Holstein.

When the milk markets in America began to develop, dairy breeders turned to the Netherlands for their livestock. Winthrop Chenery, a breeder from Massachusetts, bought a cow from Dutch skipper in Boston in 1852. The cow supplied the crew of the ship with fresh milk during the whole journey from Holland to the United States. Chenery was extremely satisfied and continued to import more animals in the coming years and to popularize the breed. Eventually, it becomes so successful that in 1885 in America was founded Holstein – Friesian Association.

This is a brief description of the breed, which besides that provides extremely high milk yield is also an excellent source of quality meat. Holstein is no way inferior to breeds raised for meat. Exactly the opposite. With proper nutrition and adequate breeding the Holstein beef is very tasty and juicy.

We emphasize the fact that our farm insists on the quality and purity of the fodder, used for food of our animals; on the living conditions inside and outside the premises, where the animals have 400 decares of free space. All this gives a direct impact on the quantity and quality of the meat they provide us.

The meat reaching the end user is only from calves from our farm, grown with care, attention and under strict veterinary control. The whole process is mechanized with the best technology and electronics in order to ensure an optimum control and quality production.

Our goal is to keep constantly the same high standard and doing everything to make this possible, so the meat from our animals to be always desirable by our customers.